Frequently Asked Questions

What libraries work with the P1AM-100?

The P1AM-100 uses the SAMD21 just like the Arduino MKRZERO or the Arduino Zero. Most libaries made for Arduino boards will work with the P1AM-100, however some may mention they only work with specfic boards. When looking at libraries that mention specific boards, check to make sure that they include the MKRZERO, Zero, or SAMD21. If a library says it is only for "AVR" or "UNO" then it is possible it may not be compatible.

Offline or Portable Installation

If the PC you would like to use the P1AM-100 with cannot be connected to the internet or has other restrictions that conflict with the standard install, you can run the Arduino IDE offline or on a USB Drive. This will only work with Windows PCs.

It is important to note that this method will not prompt you for updates. IDE Performance on USB drives will be slower than when installed on PC.