Overview and Installation

The ProductivityOpen P1AM-100 is an automation platform compatible with Productivity1000 Series I/O modules, P1AM Series shields, and Arduino MKR format shields. It can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. The board uses the SAMD21G18 Microcontroller like the Arduino MKRZERO and other similar boards.

Install the Arduino IDE version 1.8.7 or later. We recommend the current version on the Arduino website. After you have installed the Arduino IDE you will need to follow one of the library install methods and the boards manager install instructions to get started with the P1AM-100.

This installation process will require an internet connection throughout. If you need an alternative install method for PCs not connected to the internet or with other restrictions, please follow the directions at this link.

P1AM-100 Library Install

Install From Library Manager

*** OR ***

Install From Zip

Boards Manager Install

Boards manager link:

Driver Installation

For Windows users it is required that you install the device driver for the P1AM-100. For Windows 10 it is recommended that it is installed.

  • Download the driver installer here.
  • Extract the .zip file to your PC
  • Unplug any P1AM-100 systems from your PC
  • Run P1AM-100_install.bat and follow the prompts to install the driver

Additional Resources